About AutoFighter.org

Who we are, what we do and why we do it!

AutoFighter began in early 2005 with the simple purpose of meeting the demands of the thousands of people who wanted to have a decent character in RuneScape, without having to live like a hermit and play the game for countless hours at a time. As our name implies, we started with one bot -- AutoFighter NX, and we perfected it. This first bot allowed users to create mighty accounts in a short amount of time, while also collecting millions of gp in loot, without actually have to do any work. We understand that there are some people who have no problem actually sitting at a computer all day long, but we aren't those people, and we like being able to focus on things other than our RS accounts. We want to turn RS into a game again, not a chore.

As you may have expected, our membership has grown rapidly since the release of the AutoFighter NX. The number of bots that we offer has grown as well; there are now more than 30 bots offered on our site! We have a bot that's perfect for training almost any skill, and we maintain all of our bots vigorously; whenever Jagex updates, so do we.

AutoFighter has become the most trusted and respected producer of RS bots on the market. The NeXus client completes all randoms, bots automatically bank, realistic human-like actions, and regular breaking are only some of the features which make our bots the best available! If you bot with common sense then you should never have to worry about a banhammer, because our bots are 100% undetectable.

Our bots are written in the same language that RS itself is written in -- Java! Think of a bot as a robot that will do exactly what you tell it to do, but it acts like a human while carrying out your orders. Not sure which orders to give? Don't panic! Visit our forums for guides that were created by people that use the bots themselves.

Privacy and safety are very important to us, so we never include .exe (executable files) in our downloads. All files on the site are scanned daily to ensure that they are free of both viruses and spyware. We are protected against hackers, and we have been verified through PayPal