AutoFighter NX

The best RS combat bot ever made. Get millions of XP while doing NOTHING!

Simply put, it's Saradomin's gift to the tired and weary players of RS2! AutoFighter NX is a one-of-a-kind bot that is able to detect and conquer every last monster in the entire Realm of RS2. It can do this because it's packed with more features than any other bot on the market - guaranteed! Stop wasting your time clicking on a never-ending supply of NPC's (monsters) and start leveling today!

This amazing bot will train Range just as easily as it trains Attack, Strength, Defense, and Constitution -- just equip your favorite weapon: bow, crossbow, throwing weapons, or chinchompas and watch the gold pile up in your bank and the experience pile up on your account.

When you purchase AutoFighter NX, you are also purchasing the peace of mind that this bot is totally undetectable by Jagex as long as you run the bot smartly and let the program work its magic.

How do the bots work?

Jagex created this addicting game we call RS2 using the Java programming language. Our scripters at AutoFighter are able to make the game more enjoyable by using their mastery over Java to create the bots that get you the levels you need to truly start enjoying RS2.

We incorporate sophisticated color-recognition algorithms and advanced programming techniques into every bot we produce. The massive amount of time and effort we put into our products mean you get the safest, most efficient and reliable bots available to players. We guarantee that our products work better than any other RS2 botting systems; try us today

Basic Client Features

  • Can be minimized to the System Tray
  • Completes all random events with ease
  • Incorporates full RS2 anti-ban protection
  • Ability to bot more than one account within the same client
  • Automatically prompts you to update the client when necessary
  • Never takes control of your mouse, allowing you to freely use your computer

What's included in my purchase?

  • Authorization ID code
  • Lifetime program updates
  • Customized support and help
  • Installation manual & video guide

Price: $21.95 $17.95 USD
This is a one time fee.

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