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auto fighter

when i started up this bot up I was sceptical as many people would be but I fell in love with it. 4.9 stars from me.

lover of this site
Seagull NX

All though it's a free bot it's absoultley FLAWLESS! THANKS! *******


good work

auto-plunder nx, auto-fletcher nx

well i have used the auto-plunder for like a day now and it has gotten me 13 levels the exp rates are off but its not bad like on the bot description it says something like 120k xp an hr at 51 i assure you it does not but still amazing xp im 78 and i get around 59-60k xp its not bad but it needs to be updated and the fletcher only one word that can describe it it took 4 days to get 99 from level 82 and no ban i reccomend these bots to everyone and if u think im just some dood that like is from i want you to personally test thee bots yourself and you tell me whats up thank you everyone needs to buy these bots if you go to rsbot or something you are messed up so yeah thanks and i love you i promise ill be buying more soon

Secret user

I am so glad i bought this i was amazed at how advanced this prgram is not only does it fight it eats logs you out and in at time you request. It runs to and from bank dropping of loot and picking up food and then returning to countinue fighting i am just stunned . Free updates from a one of payment well worth the money. keep up the good work :)

happily surprised
all of the bots are worth it made over 500m in cash

i love all of the bots autofighter has to offer i speant well over $230 on bots in the last 2 years never been caught or banned i must say they are worth the money bc other sites make you buy cash tht's not safe at all..... these bots r 100% safe trust me been using them for a long time now........... THANKS AUTO FIGHTER YOUR THE BEST

Soulwars NX Autochopper

Great Bot, Needs some fixing up though, as someone said below, its slow when it comes to team picking, if that was fixed it would be completely awsome, but since its slow, i have to use team red or blue, in order to get into the games, which only results in 5 zeals a hour, which is still good, i leave it on overnight and i get 50 - 100 zeals :) 8/10 autochopper is great got 88 wcing in 4days! tyvm

Auto-Chopper, Auto-Fisher

You Kno At First i thought this was a scam... so i was a little hesitant to buy them but in the end they worked perfectly.. i rlly enjoy them im going to be rich as fuck lol ^^ but umm 1 thing they could use a lil help on is the one random where it finds the evil twin! lol

Nick M!

After forever of being dissapointed by fake; outdated bots it was a dream come true to find this site. Cheers!

Ammon K
Auto Hunter NX

Amazing Bot, Soon to be buying around 10 more, A***** pro anti ban and very smooth running bot :) i recommend whoever has any douts about these bots keep it up :) AutoPluroPluro Next ;) Hopess :D

Sam :)