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I have bought the autofighter from you guys and it's simply amazing you guys are the best, i leave it all day while i'm at school land when i come back i get some nice stats with some nice cash :) I'm trying to make a range tank pure and it's pretty hard to train but not without autofighter NX with it i was able to gain fast levels and was shocked it was able to bank so easily, enspecially via stronghold where i train at fleshies it does everything right! It does however have a little problems it does die, but that is no problem because i only equip 3 items i.e rune scim, iron plate body, str ammy, to make sure i don't lose anything valuble IMO, the autofighter is a great bot and is really worth the money, my friend got 60-80 str at chaos druids and made over 10M! AutofighterNX is a great BOT i reccomend everyone to buy one this is a must have if your ever looking into botting. Now i wish i had a autochopper NX now that is an amazing bot :) Or maybe the autofisher so many great bots i can't make up my mind! your the man! -ZzDiety

Autocrabber, autoflaxer, autofighter

brilliant overall! autocrabber: only faults: i liked the inbuilt break timer in autofighter but this has not got it, tends to attract as many crabs as possible before attacking which reduces ammount of time killing. autoflaxer: havn't used in a while. presuming it has the same faults, the spinning wasn't great for me but overall brilliant. (may have fixed spinning) autofighter: a very versatile bot. i have used it on many monster (hill giants, moss giants ect) and it works perfectly. love the onscreen board thing its brill. great for mains but not so great for pures or lower levels. for lower levels or pures i recomend autocrabber.

Autofighter NX

Perfect bot.

GG !
Rune ess and Rune Craft

Runee ess is awesome! Its very helpful, but sad that rc is not working now, waiting it will works again <3

Rs lover
autowillows NX

i tryed the autowillows AND I LOVE IT!!! its the best bot ever! it banks it clicks automatic its great!! iits so fast xp!!! so good i was going to me family and friends when i came back 3 days later the bot was still working 40 levels higher from 30 to 70 =]

Autofighter NX

This is the BEST bot around, I just don't know where to train. :P I love it, looking forward for more bots. (:


great bot so far im using it on a dummy acct and running to test if it works well i might make my dummie account my main

auto willows

great you can get about 4k willows in 6 hours


this is a good bot if u want it for free i got 53-70 woodcutting in a day and a half.=P this is way better than any other site. good job


Amazing bot, its gotten me from 70 attack and defense to 77. The money made from this bot is incredible, and the ability to control charms you would like it to collect and whether or not to you want it to bury the bones helps with other skills indirectly. There are however two problems I have found, sometimes it can't see that it has a ring of life and sometimes it will keep walking north on the wilderness volcano and get stuck. Regardless of those two flaws, this bot is simply amazing. 10/10