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AutoMagic NX


Zac Lisle

this bot is terriffic it got me over 5k willows in three days. but the bot spazes out some times. other than that its the best bot i tried

soulwars nx

omfg this is best i mistaken how to work this bots omg this website is best get all ur bots here

Autofighter NX

wow, they really are flawless, Ran it for 1WEEK using the built-in break controller and it got mills by mills and 54 to 80 str! thanks!

AutoMiner NX

I love this bot ive had it for only a day and ive made 100k and got my mining from 55-60. and ive only had it on 5 hours.

autofighter, automagic, autoburner, autohunter, etc....

Autofighter: By far the BEST bot for fighting ever to be created. The 14 bucks or so is well worth it. If you only buy one bot, buy this one. This has saved me much grief. I used a while back to bot (with a guy with 250 quest points). I was caught and perm-banned. I have NEVER BEEN CAUGHT with Autofighter! This is an amazing bot. Automagic: had a faster bot before it was removed by Jagex. But the thing I love about autofighter's bots is that they simulate real human interaction with the game and they even pause sometimes and play with their mouse a little. This is another amazing bot. It has been improved a lot too. A few months back this was a rubbish bot. Now... all I can say is it's the best magic bot for RS. ~Patrick Keep it up Mark Snellman and team! :)

Auto RunCrafter Nx, AutoHunter Nx, AutoFisher Nx, and AutoFighter Nx

Those four bots have gotten me more than 50 levels in one month leveling some of the hardest and most boring skills in the game. Each one of these bots ran flawless besides some of the VERY few mess ups but, after each update it ran perfect once more. I highly recommend if your only using free bots that you try some of the great paid for bots Made 40m in few weeks leveled many levels also

Autominer NX

This Bot is pretty awesome! It works very well, 1 thing that is also great is that you can play other games aswell while it's running. 1 downside is that the worldswitching with addy ores, it always fails for me... But hey, 6k iron ores and soon 4 k coal isnt bad eh =) 9/10 cause of the fail on worldswitching

Autofighter NX

AWSOME!!! 10/10!!! I love this bot got me 80 range in less then a week! Truly epicccc!

auto fighter,choper

this thing rocks i got 40 att 68str and almost 70 woodcutting form bot in less than 5 days .i ran it 5 housr a day