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essence miner nx

awsome i went to dinner, came back to close it and i had already got 10 000 gp worth of essence!

hunter fisher, acouple others.

1-99 hunter in 3 months. no more then 8 hrs a day. good bot. fisher works good.

AutoFighter NX

You gotta love all the bots has to offer, it's kind of funny since I havn't tried all of them but I can tell I would love them. At first I was unsure of using any bot, so I tried one of the free ones. After a week I was happy and I bought the AutoFighter NX to see if it was worth it, and it is worth it. I'm currently using it to get to 99 strength!

AutoFarmer NX

One Word - Genious. I have been waiting sooooo long for a farming bot. Finally! Someone actually came out with one! Great work I love it and can't wait for more updates!

AutoFighter NX

This bot is simply divine. I have yet to see it fail. It bots perfectly with ANY monster i wish to train combat with. I botted druids two days in a row and made 6m+! They even took into consideration what i had to say about the malfunctions (if any, hardly ever) and took action immediately. This bot can be described only in 1 word. PERFECT

AutoFisher NX

This bot is just awsome! Got 1 - 75 in two days, and soon 76! I will buy the AutoCooker NX when I get 99 fishing. This is awsome! best regards.. Craxyl

auto miner, green dragon killer, autofighter, autofisher

AutoMiner - would be perfect if while server switching runite mining, it would go back to the heros guild and continue to mine after banking. right now it just mines til full, banks, and then stops at the bank until i bring my character back to the guild. AutoGreenDragon - doesnt really even work unless the room is almost empty, the mouse click reactions ar to slow. it would be a great baught if it was faster at clicking than the other people in the room. it only really works w'ell in "rrom 2" because it doesnt have to run. AutoFisher - flawless bot, works awsome. Autofighter - has alot of glitches when it comes to banking/widralling but other than that it awsome. please fix the GreenDragon bot, and the problem with the AutoMiner when it comes ro runite ming in the heros guild. thank you

autofighter nx

This autofighter is garenteed levels! i got 99 strength and 99 attack with this bot at moss giants in chaos tunnels in a matter of a month and a half. i recently bought the fisher and i have made 40m 60-93 doing lobs then sharks/monks. all bots are totally worth it!

tanner savage
Woodcutter NX Autofighter NX

If there is one thing I dislike about RS, it is having to sit at the computer and perform the same task 20,000 times in one sitting to train only one of the twenty-four skills. Your bots relieve those monotonous tasks and allow me to do other things while I occasionally monitor the bot which performing those tasks, such as: watch t.v., listen to music, do homework, be bored at work, etc... There is not even a need for close supervision of the bot while it's in action because it was designed to be self-sustaining! It automatically goes to the bank, eats food, buries bones ... you name it -- it does it! I'm glad this is 2010, because carpal tunnel was so 2000's!!!! I have recently gotten one of my character's up to 99 woodcutting using WoodCutter NX and had no problems whatsoever. More recently, I began using the AutoFighter NX and am so far impressed with its performance as well. All-in-all, I feel comfortable that these guys writing the code know what in the heck they are doing, and that they have designed a program to help train different skills in RS more safely and efficiently, even taking into account all the particularities of each skill for faster leveling!

AutohunterNX and SoulwarsNX

When i first got these bots i was skeptical. after a week of using autohunter on my pure Holy Bolt Ko, i had gone from 1-85 hunter. It is unbelievable! And the Soulwars bot... don't even get me started! amazing! absolutely flawless. a hint for all, don't bot for days at a time! i tried it on a noob account. Other than that, most amazing bots ever! all my friends ask me where i get it.

Holy Bolt Ko