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AutoFletcher NX

incredible bot, 61-72 fletching in like 6 hours!!! I love u guys!!!

AutoFletcherNX LOVER
AutoHunter NX, AutoFighter NX

I love these bots.... AutoHunter is 99.9% Perfect. I got 90 hunter in no time. Iím Now going for 99, shouldn't be long. I'd give this bot a 9/10 just cuz I would like it to have more options to train hunter... instead of just birds and chinchompas. Apart from that GREAT!!! AutoFighter NX. Now this bot is amazing. This bot was great last year but not is unbelievable. I got 70 attack, strength, defense, so quick. But Would like more options. Still GREAT WORK 10/10

Josh Clarke

10/10 got me 1-99 wc!!! love this bot so much :D ty

Auto hunter nx

best bot ever. made 20m in a week and 1-91 hunter in 3 weeks now i can make 1m+ an hour with king imps and i got claws thanks so much!

Essence Miner NX

Thank you so much for the chance of a free download. I plan on getting some of the other ones once I get some money. This program works great once I got it to work! I recommend this to anyone looking for a great autoer.

Essence Miner NX

Holy Sh*et this is the best bot ever no viruses completes randoms aniban (i have been using it for a while now and no ban!) lol i just watched it do the beekeeper random it was amazing!

Angel B.
auto fletcher NX/ autoFisher NX

these bots work great! it got me 99 fletching with maple longbows (u) and made me over 15m, i love my fletching bot so much. the autofisher is even better except it doesnt support barbarian lure fishing which is my only complaint, and i am hoping it is being added soon.

like 8

Ok your bots rock but the only thing i dont like about you guys are you need better forum support. Like a section for suggestions bot updates ect Juan you know what i mean by better forums like kyles but over all 9/10!

AutoFletcher NX

Amazing bot! Went from 70-99 In about 2 weeks! Love you guys!


This is by far the best bot website that exists today, the bots work beautifully and also there's some anti-ban tutorials in the forum which make it so much easier to bot. Well done folks, keep up the good work, my money was well spent.